First birthday gift ideas-Best first birthday presents

First Birthday Gift Ideas:

First birthday is a beautiful milestone for the baby and the parents. Although the baby would not remember a thing but all the pictures captured on their birthday would be memories for a lifetime.

There can never be another occasion as special as your babies birthday which tends to be  a lovely reminder of how fast they are growing, enjoy every moment of their growing up. Like all things beautiful these days don’t come back.

We have curated a list of beautiful gift ideas for your babies first birthday.

Normally a one year old is able to master fine motor skills. The baby will be able to hold objects and even  pull, push and knock things down with all his might. All children are unique and meet their milestones at their own pace so do not worry if they are not meeting them. Keeping that in mind we would like to  suggest Fisher price stack-able toy.

Fisher price chatter telephone refresh is again a pull along toy, with numbers which the baby can dial. The child can have his phone and ideal for pretend play and building conversations.

Funskool has also come up with some interesting toys for a one year old like the twirly whirlly turtle. It is a pull along toy which changes colors as it is pulled along. It is also equipped with non skid rubber wheels.

Funskool action ball will help your one year old with hand eye co-ordination. Now is the time when they actually like to pick up, give and take objects using their hands. Action ball allows your baby to learn how to reach and grab objects as well as understand cause and effect. Nice gift on their first birthday.

Fisher price has introduced this silly sorting monster puzzle. It has colorful patterned shapes for the little one to sort and place them accordingly. It encourages the baby to think and place and understand shapes. Lovely way to keep your baby engaged.

By the time your  baby is a year old,the baby is able to learn new words each day. Interacting and spending more time with your little one will help improve their vocabulary. Listed below are a set of gifts which introduces them to various sounds.

Weave out some amazing stories for your little one with the help of cloth puppets. Nice time to bond with your little baby.

Toy vehicle with music,sound and lights.Turn on the toy bus and it goes around the room singing the song the horns on the bus go beep,beep,beep. Made of non toxic materials.


One year is also a right time to introduce books to the babies, touch and feel books on animals, will be lovely gifts for the little one on their first birthday.

Roger Piddy is the author of the fuzzy bee and friends touch and feel cloth books. This book will introduce your little baby to little insects in a garden.

Sophie peek a boo is a board flap book which will help your little one find interesting animals under the flap. it would help build imagination and fine motor skills.


Of course one can never go wrong with any of the Disney’s soft toys as gifts for the babies first birthday. Here is a collection of some lovely soft toys for your little baby’s first birthday.




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