Top 10 Awesome Art and Craft Supply ideas for Children

Art and craft supply:

Summer is here and if you are wondering how to keep your children away from all the gadgets? I will suggest to let your kids explore the world of arts and crafts. It helps children to relax and unwind. It helps them to focus on and improve they’re fine motor skills.

Being the mother of a child who loves arts and crafts. I can confidently say that art builds confidence and self-esteem in kids. Art allows kids to express themselves. It allows them to think and imagine.

Encourage your child if he/she loves art and craft. Use this time to bond with kids. Trust me you will have less than stressful teen years to deal with later on.

These are some of my go-to art and craft essentials I can highly recommend which I personally buy not just for my child but also as gifts for other kids.


Faber Castell Crayons for less than 4-year-olds:


A set of six crayons for tiny hands to help them build fine motor skills. Helps the child progress to holding thin objects like pencils and thin crayons. Makes the hand less tired. Can make broad lines, convenient to color big space. Break resistant.

Please do monitor young kids when they are given crayons or pencils. Encourage children to draw and color on paper and not on the walls. They are also ideal return gifts for your child’s second or third birthday. Please click here for pricing details.


Organic Beeswax Crayons:


If you are worried that your child can eat the crayons when you are not around to monitor,  then you can choose Natural non-toxic, handmade beeswax crayons. Little on the pricier side but you can rest assured that they are safe.

Please click here for pricing details.


Oil Pastels:



If you see that your child has perfected coloring within boundaries and likes to blend colors to get desired effects. Then you can choose oil pastels. They are ideal for children 5 years and older. Please check here for pricing details.

They are nice return gift ideas for your child’s 5th and 6th birthdays.


Faber color Pencils:




This set of 48 shade color pencils can be used as both watercolors and for dry shading. Ideal for kids 8 years and older who love to explore blending and shading.

Please check for pricing details.





An A4 size sketchbook of 50 sheets. You can sketch, color, draw, etc on these beautiful fine quality sheets. They cannot be used for watercolors. You can notice the children progress if you have all their artwork in one place.

Please click here for pricing details.





You know your child is ready for watercolors when he/she can start drawing and coloring landscapes and portraits with ease. When they have perfected the art of blending colors and can color according to the light source.

This 24 colors set from Camlin is a great beginner watercolor set you can gift your little one. Please click here for pricing details.


Watercolor sheets:



The Brustro Artists’ Watercolor Paper is finely made from cotton material for the artists who love arts and crafts work. The paper is chlorine free and acid-free which makes it safe to use. The size of the sheets is A5.

Please click here for pricing details.

Watercolor Brushes:


A set of 12 brushes ideal for beginners. Made of nylon material with wooden handles.

Please click here for pricing details.

Doodle sketch book:



If your child likes to doodle then gift them this lovely book. Most kids tend to draw in single sheets which they tend to lose. Help them keep it together. Please click here for pricing details.


Artist Pen Set:



Waterproof artist pens. Can be used on Paper, wood or cardboard. They can be ideal for doodling as well.

Please click here for pricing details.

Acrylic color box:


I was very excited when my child graduated from watercolors to acrylic. I still did not understand the difference between the two. A lot of google searches helped me understand that it is the difference in the binder that helps carry the pigment or dye. Each medium creates beautiful art. it depends on the comfort level of your child.

Please click here for pricing details.

One can also check Youtube videos of Bob Ross for inspiration. He is the most watched TV art show instructor ever.

Charcoal drawing set:



The ultimate charcoal drawing kit is ideal for Sketching, drawing & finished art. Ideal for Professional and amateur artists.

Cretacolor has crafted the finest Charcoal art materials for centuries, and their pencils have been in the sketch boxes of artists the world over. You can avail free artists sketchbook along with the kit. Please click here for pricing details.

Art and Craft ideas with Paper

Origami Paper:


Great for beginners or who like the art of paper folding/origami. The entire family can get together to create some lovely art with paper. A lovely art and craft activity for your children.

Please click here for pricing details.


Complete kit of googly eyes, Pipe cleaners, colored sticks :


If you like to organize a birthday party at home and are looking for some party ideas or just engage the kids for summer art and crafts this kit is a must-have.

Please click here for pricing details.


Scrapbooking sheets:



Set of 40 printed sheets for scrapbooking or to make Envelopes. Spend time with your child to create something unique.

For some interesting art and craft ideas check this youtube video. Please click here for pricing details.




Stencils can be extensively used for scrapbook making, greeting cards, or any home decor. One can use acrylic paints as well to create some unique designs. Please click here for pricing details.


Washi tape:


Washi tape for scrapbooking. One can find some amazing art and craft ideas on Pinterest on how to use washi tape. You can make instant photo frames, bookmarks to wall arts. Set of 4 pieces. Please click here for pricing details.




Art and craft activities with your children are the best bonding time for the entire family. Nurture the creative side of your children and they are bound to be happy kids. The stress today’s generation goes through is immense,  arts is a source of refuge to escape from the everyday madness.

As parents do not get stressed if children have created a mess, it is okay space can be cleaned.


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