Tween birthday gift ideas-Best Birthday gift for Tweens India 2019

Are you looking for a Birthday gift for tweens and early teen girls?

The age between 10 to 14 can be ideally considered as a tween phase when your babies do not like to babied anymore. (For sure not in public). They still need their parents for approvals but they strongly guard their space as well. It is a beautiful phase of growing up for the little ones. As a parent, you probably would love to keep your child little just a while longer.

Tweens is also a time when your baby wants to develop a closer relationship with the parents and family. Your baby is also developing a circle of friends and relying on those friendships more and more. They also try and embrace new hobbies, sports, arts or sciences so that they can make a statement to themselves or their peers. This is also the time when you as a parent will be able to get a glimpse of what your child’s young adult persona is beginning to look like.

Admire and enjoy each phase as it comes, supporting and listening to them is more important as they look forward to their teen years. I have curated a list of gift ideas for your little tween girl for special occasions like her birthday, daughters day, graduation day, festivals or in general when you would like to gift her something special.

Fashion jewelry:

Your tween is turning out to be a little fashionista, help her choose her own statement earnings from Yutti brand. Their products are skin friendly nickel free and lead-free as per international standards. The plating is non-allergic. They also come in a cute gift box packing.


Bracelets for Tween and early Teen girls:

Bracelets make a beautiful fashion statement.

Backpack for girls:

Backpack are essentials for your little tween to be able to carry her books, water bottle, snack box or her kindle. It would teach her to be more organized and responsible for her things. This is also an ideal time to start with a little pocket money for them to start saving or spending with caution.

Journals and notebooks:

This is also a nice time to gift your tween a journal to pen their thoughts or be creative. Journalling can provide an outlet for all the swirling thoughts and emotions they are experiencing. It can also help them put down their thoughts to words and give them direction without being judged. If your kid loves to doodle the journal comes with blank pages on one side to help them with their creativity. There are journals which come monogrammed with the initials and you can choose according to the name of your child. There are journals which also add up as birthday gifts.


GPS tracker watch:

Ideal gift for kids who are on their own during school hours or after. The watch can locate your child’s location using GPS. They are also SOS enabled. In the event of an emergency, your child can press the SOS button to initiate the emergency mode, which will trigger phone calls and message to her guardians or parents. You can track the direction the child has taken with the pedometer attached to it. Great value buy.





Board games:

One can never go wrong with board games. They would be ideal gifts for her to bond with family and friends and have some good time.



Pencil Pouches/Travel case:

Paper plane designs some high quality digitally printed multipurpose pouches. They can be used to organize their pencil or other toilet essentials. They are made of high-quality poly-cotton material. They are sturdy, durable and portable.

Books as gifts for Tweens and Early Teens:

The harry potter series

One of the most famous books for children, young adults and adults alike by J.K.Rowling.You can buy the complete series of seven books or individual books to start with. Hogwarts school is a world in its own and the reader gets attached to the characters.


Heroes of Olympus the boxed series

It is an ideal series of five books for children and young adults. Rick Riordan is the author of these books.


It is a wonderful book for children between the age group of 10 to 14. The story is about a boy who has a rare medical condition and his struggle to be normal and to gel in society. Written by R.J.Palacio it was later adapted as a movie.

The Maze Runner set of 4 books

The Maze Runner is an ideal setting for a fictional genre. It has lots of twists and turns to leave the reader enthralled. James Dashner is the author and he has won many awards and accolades for his series of Maze Runner.

The Divergent Series

The popular Divergent trilogy is written by Veronica Roth.It is again a young adult(13 to 16 years) sci-fi series. It is a captivating series in the lines of the Maze Runner.

The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings is again a fantasy trilogy written by author J.R.R.Tolkien. It is a classic greek epic. It is a story of hobbit Frodo who is left a ring by his uncle. The ring is powerful and created by the dark forces which needs to be destroyed. It is rated as the second-most best selling series of all times. It is ideal for 12+ year old children.

Thirteen Reasons why

Thirteen Reasons is a young adult book ideal for the 13+ age group. The book is authored by Jay Asher and rated as one of the best books. It is a compelling read about a young girl Hannah Baker who commits suicide. But trust me this book does not promote suicide and it is less graphic than the show so the parents can relax.

Final Thoughts:

Tween and Early Teens is a beautiful yet Challenging phase in every child’s life. Help them have a less stressful and wonderful time. Let us know if you liked our gift ideas.

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