Halloween celebrations in India-Halloween costumes for kids

Halloween In India:

India has warmed up to the idea of Halloween celebrations in its own sweet way. Many children dress up in fancy costumes and visit other homes in the neighborhood. Trick or treat happens where kids visit other homes for candy and sweets.

Some families carve lanterns with ‘scary’ faces out of pumpkins or decorate their homes and gardens in Halloween style. (This generally happens in the urban areas of India). If you are at home on Halloween, it is a good idea to have a bowl of small presents or sweets to offer to anyone who knocks on your door.


Though most Indians are not aware of the real reason behind the celebrations, our younger generation are more than keen to adapt to the western way of life. Thus, Halloween has become one more festival we celebrate.

Every Year Halloween we celebrate on the 31st of October.

Halloween Themed Party Ideas:

Halloween parties have become the norm of the day in most urban communities, schools, colleges, and corporates. Halloween parties are also being hosted in a grand manner in all the renowned hotels all over India.

Hosting a Halloween party is a lot of hard work, but it is the most fun way of celebrating Halloween in India. Deck up your house with Halloween decorations like fake cobwebs, jack o lanterns, pumpkins, hanging skeletons and more. Please click here for more Halloween decorations props.

Plan your food and drinks in Halloween style with eateries shaped like monsters, cupcakes oozing out blood-colored jam. Play eerie music in the background and create a perfect Halloween atmosphere. You can check this book for more ideas on interesting Halloween recipes. There is a kindle edition to this book as well.

Your guests are sure to fall in love with the party as they hang around in their scary costumes. If you do not plan on hosting a party, attend a Halloween party near you, that is happening in your neighborhood or any of restaurants or clubs in town.

Halloween Costumes Ideas for kids:

One can also plan a Halloween costume party for your kids. Dress them in lovely costumes and invite their friends over for a lovely party.

A word of caution to all the parents who send their kids for trick or treats. Please do accompany your children while they are visiting strangers homes. Also please be sure about the candy which they are receiving from strangers.

A safe bet during such times is to be with your children.

Wonder women cape and a crown will look nice on young girls for a Halloween themed party.

A Busy bumble bee costume will be a nice costume for little girls.

The pumpkin-shaped bag is a must-have to complete the Halloween attire.

You are invited to a Halloween themed party and you are wondering what to wear? Simply choose an all-black dress and complete the look with a witches hat.

A skull cap would also be a good idea to wear for a Halloween themed party.

Happy Halloween to each one of you, Enjoy your day with family and friends. Do leave us a comment if you like our page.


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