Janmashtami or Krishnajayanthi celebration in India

India is gearing up to celebrate Janmashtami or Gokulashtami on the 2nd of September 2018. We celebrate Janmashtami as the birth of Lord Krishna,  the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Preparations for the Lord’s Birthday start many days in advance. Cleaning up your home,  to decorating it with some beautiful thorans and flowers happen. Don’t these torans give a festive look to your home? They indeed make lovely gifts to your friends and family whom you would like to visit during the festival season.


Beautiful baby Krishna idols also make lovely gift options. The presence of smiling baby Krishna figurines will brighten up any home or pooja space, Filling one’s heart with love and devotion for him.


Dressing up little babies in Krishna and Radha dresses is a beautiful tradition which is followed in most Indian homes during Janmashtami.

The Krishna set consists of a dhoti, mukut, flute, waist belt, wristbands, and peacock feather. They cater to different age groups.


The girls are dressed as beautiful Radha.


Beautiful pooja thali also makes lovely gifts for family. Gold gift ideas have come up with a beautiful German silver plated pooja thali set of seven essentials like Chandan vati, twin diyas, agarbati stand, silver coin, and glass with a spoon. They look beautiful, easy to wash and very reasonably priced.


Divine products have come up with a gold plated rust resistant pooja thali set which has everything needed for your everyday pooja. Your friends and family would love to receive such a gift.

When we address Goddess Radha we always associate her with Krishna, they are inseparable. Their relationship is the embodiment of Love and devotion. The divine couple Radha Krishna idols are auspicious to have in any home and office space.


It is a handmade brass metal Urli by craftsman of India using the centuries-old method of sand casting. One can decorate or brighten up your living space by using lit diyas (small lamps) and flower arrangements during festival season. They sure add a touch of tradition and grandeur to your home. They would make lovely gift options for any occasion.


One can choose from an array of beautifully crafted brass and stone urli’s. They make your living space inviting and peaceful. Replace the flowers every day and add some floating diyas to it.

Tulsi is a sacred herb present in all Indian homes. Worshipping of Shri Krishna without Tulsi leaves is in vain. Every offering made to Lord Krishna includes Tulsi leaves. One can gift a Tulsi planter from Yuccabe.

It is made up of hybrid polymers which is break resistant and to harsh weather conditions. It can be used indoors and outdoors as well. It weighs 3 kgs. They are much lighter than traditional options we have.


Beautiful jhoola or swing is a nice gift option on the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami celebrations.


Have a splendid time celebrating Lord Krishan’s Birthday with your loved ones. Let us know in the comments below if you liked our gift ideas.



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