Navratri gift ideas-Dusshera, Maa Durga, Dandiya,

Navratri signifies the worship of Goddess Durga, The prominent story associated with Navratri is the battle that took place between Goddess Durga and the demon Mahishasura. Which culminates in the fight of good over evil. Dasshera/Navratri  is also the time when Rama kills Ravana and it widely believed that the fight happens during these ten days. Hence Ram leela(the traditional performance of Ramayana) celebrations happen during this time. We bring to you the most amazing and unique gifts to be shared with your loved ones during Navratri.

This year Navratri begins on 10th October 2018 and ends on 18th October 2018.

Each state in India celebrates Navratri-the nine sacred nights in its own way. The festivities begin well in advance. Durga Puja is the most popular festival in West Bengal, Assam, and Bihar. While the rituals entail ten days of fast, feast and worship. It is also a time for a reunion, rejuvenation and to celebrate traditions and customs. The celebration begins with the installation of Pandals, lighting and clay figurines of Goddess Durga. A vast range of craftsmanship goes into making the Durga puja a grand success. One cannot miss a trip to Kolkatta during Durga puja.

Gujrat celebrates Navratri with the sounds of Dandiya sticks and dhol which is heard all the nine days. Traditional dances like Dandiya and Garbha is performed in the evening by men, women, and children.


You are invited to a Garbha/Dandia night and you are wondering what to wear??.. Look no further. Chaniya choli or ghagra choli is just the perfect dress for the occasion for Ladies and girls. Kurta pajama for the men and boys.

These dresses are heavily embellished with mirrors, beads, shells, etc. It is one perfect attire for girls to get dressed on Navratri. Wear traditional chuddas, necklaces, nose ring, or a kamarbandh, with the chaniya choli for the perfect attire.






Gurjari is a renowned brand for oxidized jewelry. Kamarbandh or a waist chain goes well with your chaniya choli.

Bangles :

 This ornate bangles set by Bindhani is the right pick for you when you would like to dress up for Dandiya or garbha dance.


Chaniya choli for Ladies and kids :



Navratri golu:

Just like other states Tamilnadu, Karnataka, and Andhra have their unique way of celebrating Navaratri

The Navratri golu/gombe habba is decorated by constructing wide tiers or steps in even number, greatest being seven. Variety of dolls get displayed artistically and arranged beautifully on the steps.

Golu festival lasts for nine days with arti, prayers Prasad daily in the mornings and evenings. During these nine days, women get invited and offered haldi kumkum with betel leaves, nuts, and fruits. The women along with their daughters dress in their ethnic best to visit relatives and friends who have Golu at their homes.

Dasavataram : 

The Golu today has grown to be something more of just dolls being collected lovingly over the years and being transferred through generations. It has become a nice platform for a novel interpretation of Indian Mythology, day-to-day life, and other interesting themes. The dasavataram dolls are made of clay and painted with natural dyes.

Fruit and coconut



Return gifts :

Gifts would be a part of the kolu ceremony, where young girls would be given sweets and snacks along with some knick-knacks. They would be simple gifts like hair bands, hair clips, pencils, and pens or small bags to all the kids who come for the kolu. Given below are some beautiful potli bags and drawstring jute pouches. We can add some gifts in them for giveaways.

Let’s celebrate Navratri is a lovely book authored by Ajanta chakraborthy and Vivek Kumar. It is a great book to teach our kids about Indian culture and its diversity. It explains 3 different Navratri traditions from Bengali, Gujarati to Tamil.

Kids will learn about history, food, language and cultural elements of Navratri… all while making new best friends!

Would highly recommend this book for return gifts during Navratri.

Few unique ideas for return gifts for the women and kids:

Anand crafts have come with a unique set of silver plated haldi kumkum platter which is easy to keep up and are treasured gifts for friends and family during Navratri. It comes with this nice gift pack box.Modak shaped acrylic material haldi kumkum box pack of 12 pieces. The box is decorated with Kundans in beautiful color combinations and would make pretty gifts. They are reasonably priced and can be bought in bulk for return gifts.


An ideal product for your home as well as for gifting on any occasion. Brass four bowl container set for chandan, kumkum haldi and rice.



Potli Bags:

This stunning Potli bag made from High-Quality Silk with  Embroidery, Sequins, and  Beads. Being lightweight and spacious these potli bags can easily be wrapped around the wrist using their drawstring. You can easily keep your personal belongings like Money,  smartphone Mobile, Cosmetics easily in it. They would treasured gifts for haldi kumkum.



A Beautiful aasan for installing Maa Durga picture or figurine, we can place an idol up to 2 feet 9 inches tall. This Siddhivinayak Inspired Decoration comes from UTSAVI which is a well-established brand. A complete guide is provided on Youtube for easy assembly.  We can reuse this Makhar for up to 10 years.

Lamp :

Any auspicious occasion cannot be complete without the lighting of Lamp.

5-faced traditional brass oil lamp majorly handmade by artisans of Nachiyar Koil, Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu. You will be a proud owner of a piece of 300-year-old craft handed down over generations. Usually bought as a pair. It is a right choice to accent your home in traditional style and a wonderful collectible you can pass on to the younger generation. Therefore would highly recommend this brass diya as gifts for your loved ones during festival season.




Made of Birchwood with a matte finish, Maa Durga photo will be a timeless gift for your loved ones. The artwork is engraved on a block of wood and gives it a 3D effectIdol :

This Religious Idol of Maa Durga uses Fine Grade Marble Powder with Durable & Long Lasting  24 k Gold Plating.

The idol weighs about 3 kgs.

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