Pongal Gifts India-2019 festival gifts

India is mainly an agrarian society and the harvest festival is celebrated all over India but with different names. In the Northern States of India, it is celebrated as Makar Sankranthi. In Punjab, the festival is celebrated as Lohri. In Gujarat as Uttarayan. In Tamilnadu, as Pongal. In Assam, as Bihu and in Maharashtra as Hadaga Festival. Being a harvest festival Bonfires and Yummy feasts with the new harvest mark the occasion.

Pongal also signifies a Thanksgiving ritual to the elements of Nature like the Sun God and the Farm animals. The Sun deserves the honor and respect and similarly, animals like the Cow and Oxen are worshiped for helping the farmer. Pongal is also the time for family reunions, fun, and festivities.

This is also the season for Kite flying. Every street market is flooded with sellers selling handmade kites and threads called Manja on a wooden spool called charkhi. A week before the day of the festival we can see the skies adorned with colorful kites. A nice gift for your Nieces, Nephews, Brothers, and Sisters this Harvest festival is a lovely pair of Kite and charki. Patangdori.com is an online seller for customized kites.


Pongal pot In Southern India:

Pongal is a sweet recipe cooked in a Pongal pot which is used exclusively to make this sweet dish. Every Tamil home has a traditional Brass Pongal Pot which is generally passed down from one generation to the next. This is a nice gift for your family and friends who are newly married and setting up home. They are available in steel as well.


Price: Rupees 1800.

Traditional Brass Lamps:

Any festival is deemed incomplete without the lighting of auspicious Lamps. A five faced handmade Brass lamp by artisans from Natchiyar kovil in Kumbakonam Tamil Nadu is a must have in every home to light during festive seasons. One can gift them as a pair this Harvest season to your loved ones.

Price: Rupees 2600

Book on Pongal:

A nice gift for the little kids in your family. This book provides a very simple account of what this festival is all about and how it is celebrated in the Southern part of India. This book would also add up as a nice gift to a teacher who is looking to read a book on International festivals to their students.

Price: paperback edition Rupees 950.

Fleece Blankets:

This is also the time of the Year when people gift blankets or warm clothes to people in need. This is a tradition followed by many people all over India. A set of 15 fleece blankets from Goyals is a reasonable buy.

Price: Rupees 2049.00
Rice Measuring pot for Pongal:

This a very traditional rice measuring utensil used in every South Indian home. Made of Brass. It is a lovely addition to your family heirloom of Traditional Kitchen essentials this Pongal.

Price: Rupees 500

Pooja  Essentials this Pongal:

Brass pooja spoon with a panchapatra is a must have for offering naivedyam for the lord during your pooja rituals. It also adds up a lovely Pongal Gift for your family and friends.

Price: Rupees 845

Chandan, Kumkum or bhog Katori:

A handmade brass bowls for offerings to the lord. They can also be used to place puja thali items. It comes as a set of 5 bowls and one lamp/diya free.

Price: Rupees 420

Brass Pooja Chowki:

A traditional pooja chowki stand to place idols made of Brass from the brand Two mustaches

The stand can also be used as a decor item.

Price: Rupees 1695

Brass Aarathi stand :

Brass handmade aarthi stand from SPS marketing Kumbakonam brings out elegance to your pooja space.

Price: Rupees 700

Pooja plate:

An all-important Pooja Plate for all religious occasions is a must have. Made of Brass with a simple and elegant design. A lovely Pongal Gift for your host family if you have been invited to celebrate Pongal with them.

Price: Rupees 800

Agarbathi Stand:

Gold Plated metal dhoop stick stand with ash collector beneath. It is covered hence child safe and adds beauty to your pooja space.

Price: Rupees 260

Handheld pooja bell:

Handmade Brass Pooja bell during prayer time from Purpledip.The intricately carved statue of Vishnu makes it a unique piece. A very pretty piece to lighten up your pooja space.

Price: Rupees 1650

Flower Basket in Brass:

A flower basket to store flowers picked for your pooja time. A lovely gift during Pongal time for your host family. Never miss an opportunity to showcase your heritage and these brass artifacts are handmade by craftsman from Kumbakonam.


Price: Rupees 500

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We wish that this Festival may be the start of Your brighter days filled with Happiness, Good Luck and Prosperity

Happy Pongal

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