Ramadan Mubarak- Best Ramadan gift ideas 10 perfect gift ideas for ramzan

Are you looking for Ramadan gift ideas?

Ramadan is the most sacred time of the year for people who follow Islamic culture. During Ramadan, People observe fast from dawn to dusk and then break their fast with dates and water. It is also the time for giving. It is customary to donate to the poor and disadvantaged. Eidiya is the tradition of gifting during the holy month and on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr which marks the end of fasting. Small Ramadan gifts are exchanged between friends and family.

We have curated ten perfect Ramadan gift ideas. If you find any product interesting please click on the image and you will be directed to our partner site where you can make the purchase. Leave a comment below if you like any product.


Gift ideas during Ramadan
Ramadan Kareem


Go Alisha Safety Pins for Girls:

Go Alisha is a startup by a mother-daughter duo. They go by their tagline safety pins reimagined. Go Alisha fashion magnets have the strongest magnets and clasp instantly. They come in vibrant colors and stunning designs to match any outfit. They can be used for draping scarves and stoles in different styles, they can also be used to add a bling look to their clutches, saris etc. Please click here for some interesting gift ideas for Ladies.

Quran pen:

The Quran pen is an amazing technology that makes Quran reading, learning, understanding and memorizing very easy. Quran learning pen improves reading skills for all learners. It can be your reading assistant anywhere anytime. A nice Ramadan Gift for your little Nieces and Nephews. Check out for some interesting gift ideas for children.

Azan clock

Azan clock is a nice gift which helps to set the namaz timings anywhere in the world. It is small and can slip into your bag and can be carried around while traveling. Ideal gift for everybody in the family as a reminder for prayer timing. The Azan Clock is a nice Ramadan gift for the globe-trotting frequent travelers.

Urdu quotes and reading:

They are lovely Urdu quotes blessing the family who is receiving them. They make lovely gifts for your family and friends on the occasion of Ramadan. For some lovely home, decor gifts click here.


Attars are Lovely Ramadan Gifts. Attar is perfume oil-derived from natural sources like Flowers, Herbs, Spices, and Barks of trees. The Attars are distilled Naturally and are highly concentrated, hence sold in fewer quantities. In the Eastern world, it is customary to offer Attar to their guest during their departure. It is practice still followed in most homes. Muslims use Attars during Ramadan due to the absence of Alcohol in it. Check out for other interesting ideas for Men.

Quran Bookstand:

A holy book stand is a nice and thoughtful Ramadan gift for the elders in the family.

Chocolate Boxes

One can never go wrong with a chocolate box as a gift. They would be treasured by the entire family for sure.

Prayer mat:

A prayer mat is essential; one can never go wrong with a prayer mat for a gift.

Hijab for Ladies:

A nice scarf for a gift will be treasured. Will make a nice Ramadan gift. If you are looking for some beautiful Hyderabadi bangles and jewelry sets click here.

Namaz cap for Men:

For your family on Ramadan, a nice cap for a gift.

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