Top 20 Baby Shower Return gifts for less than Rupees fifty

Return gift ideas for women:


Seemantham, Godhbarai, Valaikappu, Baby Shower are names Synonymous with celebrations in families of the new Mother to be. Prayers and Religious rituals are performed to ensure that the Mother to be is safeguarded and she delivers a healthy baby. It is mainly a Ladies function and happens in the last trimester of Pregnancy.

Please find Top 20 Baby shower Gifts for the Ladies attending your celebrations. For the Mother to be, take rest while you can and keep yourself hydrated. Have fun with friends and families. Arrange for some fun games to play with your friends. Click some memorable pictures and enjoy your Journey into Motherhood.

1)Saree Covers from Kuber Industries:

You can never go wrong with a Saree cover as Return gifts for Ladies. They are handy organizers for the wardrobe and also while traveling. They are 12 covers for less than Rupees 600 from the brand Kuber Industries.

2)Jute String Pouches:


Jute Pouches Perfect for jewelry, cosmetics, money purse, and for other small knick-knacks. They come in a pack of 20 for Rupees 650, thus each pouch costs less than Rupees 35.

3)Fancy Earrings for less than Rupees fifty a pair:

You can gift wrap the earrings and add a lovely Thank You note to make it a personalized return gift for your family and friends.

Click on the image for more details about the pair of earrings.

4)Foldable Washable Polyester Bag:

Most compact bag when folded, less than half the size of men’s wallet, making it easy to carry in your pocket or purse. They are nice return gifts for the men too. The Bags can hold grocery for up to 3 kgs.  Please click here for details.

5)Diwah Cotton Coin Purse:

Trendy and Stylish Coin Purse from the brand Diwah. It can also be used as a travel pouch to hold toiletries. Costs less than Rupees 50 per piece.

6)Pack of 2 Wooden Coasters for less than Rupees 50:

Comes in a pair, easy to wash Wooden Coasters for home and office use. The coasters are from the brand The Mighty pi.

The lovely Peacock design is a nonfading 3d print.

7)Wooden Honey Dipper from the Brand The Herb Boutique:

The wooden disks are perfect for retaining the max amount of honey for cereal, waffles, and pancakes, or a morning cup of tea. Elegant and Useful gift for your friends and Family on the occasion of your Baby shower from the brand Herb Boutique.

8)Sri Sri Tattva Wardrobe Air Freshener Sachets:

Air Freshener bags which lasts from 40 to 60 days from the brand Sri Sri Tatva. Best for Wardrobes, Vanity Bags, Suitcases, Cars, Bathroom etc.Has a mild, smooth and pleasant smell.

9)Swastik Door Stickers:

Hand Made product from the brand Frigate Imex. Each pair costs Rupees 50. They are beautiful Door Decors for Home or office space. You can gift wrap them individually or add them to a goody bag.


8)Wooden Spoon For Cooking:

Wooden Cooking Spoons from the brand RSJ Trading are Handmade and are ideal for Non-Stick Cookware. the ergonomic design of these spoons makes them easy to use. Featuring lengths between 10 and 16 inches, these spoons and spatulas have the perfect size required for efficient cooking. Each Spoon cost less than Rupees 50.

9)Signoraware Plastic Storage Box:

A plastic Storage box from the brand Signoraware is a useful return gift. Each box costs less than Rupees Fifty. They are BPA free and come with a one year Warranty. Microwave safe and 100 percent food grade plastic.

10)Handmade KumKum Dibbi:

Kum Kum and Chawal box Handmade from the brand Frigate Imax. They are beautiful and auspicious return gifts for the ladies who visit your Baby shower.

11)Silicone Thumbsup Smartphone Holder:


Use it as home phone mount, office phone stand or for kitchen recipe book display. Made of Plastic it comes in different colors for less than Rupees Fifty. They are Unique and useful return gifts from the brand Saisan.

Click on the product image to buy now.

12)Bindi Combo of 6 sets for less than Rupees fifty:


Lady Fashion is one of the oldest names in Indian traditional bindi. The pack contains 6 sets of Round Nug border Bindis for less than Rupees 50. In India Kumkum or Bindi is associated with celebrations and auspiciousness. They are useful gifts too.

13)Set of Four Chapati covers from the brand Mandania:

Pack of four Roti Covers from the brand Mandania. Made from 100% cotton Material they help Keep roti or chapati more soft & fresh for a longer time.

A piece to be Placed in the Bottom of Roti Pot or Tiffin While Another Pc to be Placed on the Top of the Roti, Paratha. These Roti covers are easy to wash and can be reused.

14)Handmade Matki Candles by Ananya creations:

Matki candles/Candles in a clay pot come in a set of 10 per pack. They cost less than Rupees 200 for the entire pack, So each candle comes for Rupees 20. Add a personalized Thank you note along with the Candles and they are cute return gifts. Please click here for more details.

15)Candle holders:

Handmade Aluminium Tea light candle holders come in a pack of 12 for Less than Rupees 400. They can be individually gift wrapped or added to a goody bag with a personalized Thank you note. Make your guest feel welcomed and appreciate his presence and he is bound to go back happy. Please click here for buying details.

16)Plastic Trays:

Plastic set of four trays for less than Rupees 240. Each tray costs approximately 50 to 55 Rupees. These trays can be used as organizers in the cupboards or to store Fruits and Vegetables. Please click here or on the image for buying details.

17)Pack of four Handmade glass beaded Napkin holder:

Napkin rings and placemats from the brand Vdecors. They are elegant, a round shape measuring 1.5 inches in diameter. Use it while hosting parties. Ideal return gifts. They come in different colors. They cost less than 120 Rupees for a set of 4.

You can gift wrap two together or throw them in a goody bag for lovely return gifts.

18)Eco-friendly Plantable Thank you card:

Each card contains NON-GMO seeds within biodegradable seed paper that will grow when planted in soil from the brand Planticil. Say thank you with a burst of greenery by sharing this eco-friendly plantable thank you cards. Your Guests are sure to appreciate your Thoughtfullness. Each card costs less than Rupees 50.

19)Cadbury Celebrations:

This pack contains 1 dairy milk, Gems and a 5star chocolate for Rupees 50. They come well packed and add up as a thoughtful return gift for the entire family to enjoy.

20) Handcrafted Incense stick stands from Meenakshi Emporium:

Meenakshi Handicraft Emporium sells its products made by rural artisans of India. Each stand is made from Mango wood and has an Om symbol inscribed on it. They cost Rupees 50 each. You are not only helping and promoting the work of our rural artisans but your guests are also sure to be delighted with your thoughtful gift.

Hope you liked our Top 20 Return gift ideas for your Baby Shower function. Place your order a few days in advance and you are stress-free during the celebration time.

Let us know in the comments below if you like our gift ideas and share this post with family and friends.

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