Top gifts for new mom-list of helpful gifts for a new mother

What gifts would you consider for a new mom?

The transition to being a new mother, after going through a roller coaster nine months of pregnancy is not an easy phase to be in. Added to that there is a postpartum phase which can easily last from six weeks to six months at least.The new mother is overwhelmed with added expectations and responsibilities of not just caring for herself but for the little bundle who has come into her life. We as friends and family can sure help her ease out of this phase, Here is a list of thoughtful gifts for every new mother.

Diaper bags 

The moms co 

If you have read my previous blog posts i have always advocated Made in India Products.The Moms co is one other company which is completely made in India laying emphasis on procuring the most natural products which are certified toxin free.They have a complete kit for the mom to be and the new mom essentials when it comes to skin and hair care.They also have baby skin and hair care essentials.
They have a cute blog post giving you some simple tips on baby care for the new moms.


of course Indian new mom’s have a cohort of ladies to help them with do’s and dont’s of baby care.But sometimes you would want to do things your way.Lovely books to help you make informed decisions or choices.Adult coloring books for new mom would be a nice stress buster for mothers who are interested in coloring and painting.
Books would be wonderful gifts to the new age millennial mom’s who are not with their families during childbirth or after.

Nursing pillow

The comfort of having a nursing pillow would be vouched by every new mother.if the new mother has decided to exclusively breast feed the child she has to feed the child every two hours, she will definitely appreciate a nursing pillow for a gift.

Philips avent therma bag

philips avent therma bag keeps your baby milk warm for a minimum of four hours.It would be ideal while travelling or during night time feeds.

philips bottle warmer :

Philips bottle and baby food warmer is an ideal gift for a new mom. it evenly warms milks and thaws baby food,Compact and easy to also comes with a two year warranty.

Fisher Price :

Fisher price has come up some lovely products to help the new moms like the high chair and toddler rocker.
The high chair comes with three height adjustments to hold growing child fits great on a chair and can be carried around easily.

Philips avent steamer and blender

Philips Avent Combined Steamer and Blender

Philips avent have come up with a combined steamer and blender for baby food to be steamed and mashed to a consistency ideal for a six month baby.Babies older than six months need nutrition from other sources like fruits,vegetables and cereals.This product will be an added advantage to the new mom who has to join back work after her maternity break and leaving the baby in the care of others.It will stress free to delegate the work and also be sure that she is not depriving the baby of nutritious food.They have used BPA free plastic and very parts to clean and it is compact and easy to store.Easy to carry around while travelling with the baby.
The machine comes with a two year warranty and it also signals once the food is steamed.Steaming is any day healthier than boiling food.

Steam Sterilizer :

A must have for every new Mother would be an electric steam sterilizer from Philips.The sterilizer uses natural steam to sterilize baby products.They can sterilize up-to 6 Philips Avent bottles in 6 minutes sharp.They are compact hence using less space and can also be carried along when you are travelling.An ideal gift for the young millennial moms who are making their mark juggling with their careers while also taking care of their little ones.

Baby Albums

There would be hundreds of pictures clicked and memories of a lifetime created, a lovely album would be a nice gift for the new mom.

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