Best Housewarming gift ideas for Indians-Top 20 House warming gifts

Are you Looking for the Best Housewarming gift for Indian Homes?

Do you believe that your gift should be thoughtful and treasured? We have curated a list of most unique gift ideas for an Indian Housewarming celebration.


Brass Diya:


Brass has a holy significance in India. Diya or Lamp is lit before the start of any auspicious event. Lighting of the Lamp signifies removal of darkness. The soft light of the lamp spreads positivity all around. A Thoughtful Housewarming gift for Indians.

Brass Diya from Kartique brand has a beautiful Dancing Ganesha idol. They can be gifted as a pair

They add beauty and auspiciousness to the new home.


Wifi Range Extender


If your recipients home is extra spacious the wifi might not reach all the rooms. This might mean no access to online recipes in the kitchen or if the children need to get some homework done from their rooms. It becomes an inconvenience.

The TP-link universal wifi range extender extends wireless coverage. This is recognized as the No 1 bestseller in Amazon.


Ring wifi enabled doorbell


Ring video doorbell allows you to answer the door from anywhere around the world. If one is too busy to walk to the door, this video doorbell allows you to hear and speak to your visitor from your tablet, smartphone or PC.

A useful gift to any new homeowner.


Syska smart bulb compatible with Amazon Alexa and google assistant


The Syska smart bulb will definitely be a useful gift to the homeowner. This bulb enables you to not just change colours but also its white temperature – from bright daylight to soft, relaxing white via the Syska Smart Home app.

You can switch it on or off with the help of your smartphone from anywhere in the world. Existing wifi is required.


JBL portable wireless speaker


Does your housewarming host love music and is always on the go. Then the wireless speaker helps them take their music anywhere they go. It would add up as a perfect companion to children of the house too.


Irobot 900 series


Irobot is a blessing in disguise for all homeowners. Ideal for removal of Pet hair and cleans carpets efficiently. Recharges and resumes cleaning until the job is done

One can schedule the cleaning process and customize cleaning preferences. Your housewarming host will love this gift.


Asus VZ229H 21.5-inch Wide Screen Monitor


In case your housewarming host is a gaming enthusiast then the Asus is the best gift under Rs 10000. It has a 21.5 inch full HD LED display monitor with a response time of 1ms.


Philips Digital Photo Frame


How to keep ones most memorable moments alive all year round? The Philips Digital Photo frame is an ideal gift for your friend or family for their Housewarming celebration. Slideshow of Photos automatically once you insert the memory card.



Morphy Richards coffee maker



In case your housewarming host is an avid coffee enthusiast and loves a nice brewed coffee in the morning. The Morphy Richards brand of coffee maker will be an ideal gift.

Or if they love a traditional brewed coffee in a brass coffee maker.

Brass Coffee Maker:


This Brass coffee filter brings out the nostalgia of your mother’s Kitchen. Most South Indian homes will have them as a part of their Kitchen Essentials. In most South Indian cafes you will be served coffee in a brass dabara set. Lovely housewarming gift for Indian homes.


Craftters wall decor



Golden sunburst wall sculpture from craftter India is handmade by Indian craftsman.

They look bright and beautiful and they make lovely gifts to the host family.


Kraftinn Night lamps


Kraftinn is based out of Assam. Their products are handmade by rural craftsman of the region.

Assam has a vibrant heritage of arts and crafts made of Bamboo.

Aroma oil Diffuser and Humidifier



Electronic Aroma oil diffuser will add up as a lovely gift to a new homeowner. Pair it with some lovely essential oils and your host is sure to enjoy the gift.


Exotic Green Indoor Plants



A perfect gift for a new homeowner. They are cute and trendy and they are sure to win hearts. The plants come with beautiful clay pots and are easy to maintain.

They make lovely living room decor.

Yuccabe Italia Tulsi Planter:

We revere the Tulsi or Holy Basil plant. In Hindu Mythology the Holy Basil plant is considered as a reincarnation of a Goddess. Made of Hybrid polymers, The tulsi planter is lightweight. It is highly resistant to breakage and  Harsh weather conditions. It is a thoughtful gift on the auspicious occasion of Housewarming for an Indian home.



Crafter Copper skeleton wall clock



Crafter’s handmade, vintage wall clock with Roman numerals add class and elegance to any space.

The metal wall clock has a diameter of 40cms and will go with any kind of decor, be it vintage or modern.


Hammered Brass Urli


Brass Urli is used as a centerpiece decor, filled with water and seasonal flowers it brings out the much-needed serenity to any space.

Floating Diyas or candles can be used during Diwali and other festivals. Brass Urli is a treasured gift for any new homeowner.


Magnetic spice steel box set


A unique magnetic spice jar container set made of steel is good to have product in any kitchen.

They are dishwasher safe and has a see-through glass lid.


Ganesha on a swing in a Brass Urli:

It is a handmade Brass Urli with the divine Ganesh Ji sitting on a swing. The Brass Urli will add up as a centerpiece decor in your living room or in the pooja space.

Fill up the Urli with some water and add a few drops of essential oil. Leave some rose petals to float in the water.

This will be a lovely gift to your Indian host family during their Housewarming celebration.


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