Self care tips for all the working Mom’s this Mother’s Day


A shoutout to all the working Mom’s this Mother’s Day. You may be a homemaker, mompreneur, teacher, doctor, Politician, Manager, beautician et al Our roles and responsibilities differ in and out of our homes. We hustle each day to achieve and accomplish all that we set out for. It is not easy to balance work and home and you are able to accomplish it. Be proud Mama for all your achievements.

This Mother’s day make a promise that you will prioritize yourself. Believe wholeheartedly that you deserve the time you give yourself and not to feel guilt over it. Don’t let Perfect get in the way of amazing and awesome parenting.

Few self-care tips you can follow without guilt:

#1 Stop and give yourself some Me time, even it is for 15 minutes each day. Make sure that you have that in your schedule each day – every day. It can be a simple date with your coffee every morning.


#2 Take time out for exercise. A fit body is equal to a fit mind. When you are at your best everybody wins. It can be an early morning walk for a half hour or a yoga session you can enroll in.

#3 Drink lots of water and get enough sleep. Sneak in some nap time when possible, You need it.

#4 Get your daily dose of Vitamin-D. Spend 20 minutes of early morning time with the Sun God.

#5 Develop a hobby. If you have discontinued something you loved doing before you became a Mom now is the time to restart.

#6 Meditate, It will sure give you a sense of calm and control. Beat out your everyday stress. It will keep you focussed and you will achieve a lot more in the given time.


#7 Get your self a Massage or weekly spa treatment. Indulge in some shopping, buy some nice clothes you have been postponing for a while. Buy those shoes you have been wanting- you deserve it.

#8 A facial, pedicure, manicure or eyebrows at the nearest parlor. A morning self-care routine to set yourself for the long day.

#9 Cook your favorite food. Sit down and eat in peace. Healthy food is your number one health care tip.

#10 Take time out with your besties. Chat up and meet them if they are nearby.

#11 Take a mini Vacation and come back energized.

#12 Take time to unwind from your tough day with some Music.

#13 Spend some quality time with kids and family.

#14 Delegate some of your work. Seek help there is no harm in asking.

#15 Read your favorite book or Journal to unwind. Sneak time for yourself even if it is for 15 minutes to set your day up for success.


Self-care includes your physical, emotional and mental well being. Self-care should be your priority and not pushed to the bottom of the list. Design your self-care routine to come back a happy Mama and happy wife. This mother’s day make a promise to prioritize yourself.

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