Kalamkari art must have souvenirs from the State of Andhra Pradesh

What is KalamKari Art?

Kalam means Pen and Kari means work in Hindi. Use of Natural Dyes to make fine art on Fabric depicting birds, Animals, Temple rituals, and Nature forms the basis of Kalamkari art. Sri Kalahasti and Machlipatnam two regions in the State of Andhra Pradesh finds itself patronizing this art form for more than 200 Years.

Geographical indicator status has been accorded to this art form.

Why is Kalamkari art famous?

This art form gained recognition during the Mughal era, The Sultanate of Golconda encouraged the skilfull artisans and were known as Qualamkars. The process of Kalamkari art involves a  23 step process from Bleaching the cotton cloth, Sun drying, use of only Natural colors and Hand painting. A lot of Precision and detail goes into making a unique piece of Kalamkari artwork.

KalamKari Art in the present day scenario:

Andhra Pradesh is the largest Producer of this art form in recent times. The emergence of Technology and automation in printing textiles has made this form available to the common man.

India’s Fashion designers have also played their part in reviving this art. Kalamkari work used on Sarees and textiles was a runaway hit on Fashion runaways.

Gifting trends have curated the best Kalamkari souvenirs one can pick up for their family and Friends.


Kalamkari Painting of Hindu Goddess:

Digitally printed on good quality Cotton Fabric from the brand Tamatina. Use of Non-toxic, eco-friendly, oil-based premium inks is used.

They come without a frame. They are Carefully Rolled & Shipped in Professional hardboard tubes for damage free deliveries. Digital Reproductions are super easy to maintain. You don’t necessarily need a glass for saving the painting from dust as the painting can be cleaned with a damp cloth once in a while & no colors would come off as they are embedded deep within the Canvas fabric.

These paintings from Tamatina are reasonably priced. Please click here for buying details.

 Kalamkari block work Sarees:

Kalamkari prints on a Chanderi sico saree is a beautiful souvenir from Unnati silks. They are lightweight, easy to drape and they are beautiful to wear for small parties. A lovely drape for all weathers. Please click here to buy now.



A pure Cotton saree with Kalamkari prints looks elegant on a Summer evening. They are lightweight, can be machine washed, low on maintenance and looks good on women of all age groups.

This saree is again from the brand Unnati silks. Please click here to buy now.

Kalamkari Handpainted Cotton Dupatta:



The chunni is crafted by the Weavers of Andhra Pradesh. Since it is Handcrafted there can be slight variations from the picture shown. The chunni will go well with any plain Kurta. Wear it with pride since you will have one of the oldest traditional artwork from the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Please click here to buy now.

Beautiful Handcrafted Kalamkari art from the weavers of Andhra. Please click on the image for buying details.


Kalamkari Bags:

Multipurpose Bag for your everyday needs. The bag comes with spacious compartments and beautiful Kalamkari print on it. Please click here to buy now.

Kalamkari cotton Handbag from the brand Bhamini. The USP of the design is a front pocket that is given to the bag which adds to the style quotient. Good for daily use. Please click here to buy now.

Sling bag from the brand Bagtrendz:

This bag is Handcrafted by women of Pondicherry. Perfect to carry small items like your mobile and wallet, it comes with a magnetic closure. Please click here to buy now.

Kalamkari Bedspreads from the brand India shoppers point:

This Kalamkari Bagru bedsheet is made using the traditional hand block printing technique. A beautiful gift for your loved ones. It is easily washable at home and gets vibrant with every wash (No color fade, no color bleed). The large enough size makes the sheet easy to tuck-in below the mattress. It comes with two pillow covers. SIZE – 90″ x 108″ inches. Ideal for king size beds too.

Please click here to buy now.

Kalamkari Handloom Carpet:

Cotton Carpet with Kalamkari designs is sure to accentuate your floors. They come in beautiful color combinations.

Product Dimensions (L x B): 180 cm x 270 cm or 70.2 ” x 105.3 “

Please click here to buy now.

Kalamkari Fabric for Kurti or Blouse:


Cotton Fabric with Kalamkari Print can be used for dresses, Blouses, Tops, Pillows, Home Decor etc.

The beautiful art of block Printing employs wooden or metal blocks to print designs and patterns on fabric, by hand. What makes block Printing unique is that the design has to be created by the artist before the Printing begins. It is carved onto the block by hand. The carved block is dipped into the required color and printed on the fabric.

Please click here to buy now.


Kalamkari souvenirs is a must have from the state of Andhra Pradesh. They are our Heritage Inheritance. Take pride in owning a piece of Kalamkari art.

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    Very nicely written about Kalamkari art. Even though I have spent a lot of time in Erstwhile Andhra Pradesh, I was not aware about this beautiful art form and this blog has introduced this to me.

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