Most Popular Online Souvenirs From Hyderabad Telangana

Online Souvenirs From Hyderabad

Hyderabad the capital city of Telangana, the land of the erstwhile Nizams, is a laidback and happy go lucky place. Born and brought up in this beautiful city I long to go back to its old world charm and its erstwhile splendor.

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During the Nizam’s rule, Hyderabad was the Largest princely state of India and also the wealthiest cities of the region. The Famous Kohinoor Diamond was extracted from the mines of Golconda. One can find Persian and Arabic influence in its architecture, food, clothing, and dialect of this place. Things have changed rapidly since then, Now it is emerging as the I.T capital of India. The city is expanding and is hosting people from all corners of India who have made Hyderabad their home. This city also witnesses a sizeable tourist population and official visits from people all over the world. This post is for all my friends who are wondering what gifts to buy from the land of pearls for their families back home.

Famous Hyderabad Souvenirs to buy:

Have you wondered why Hyderabad is known as the city of Pearls? It is a Deccan Plateau region far away from any Ocean. There is no reason to believe that they could have artificially cultured Pearls in the olden days.  The answer lies with the fact that the Nizams loved Pearls.

They encouraged Pearl trade, They had skilled craftsman from the Gulf regions to come and settle in their Land. Which eventually laid the foundation for Hyderabad to become the one-stop destination to buy Pearls in the years to come. Hyderabad has finally etched a name for itself in the global market as the largest Trader of Pearls. So when you are in this city do not miss out on buying some good quality Pearls. One can also order them online, Some of the genuine and Famous Pearl stores from Hyderabad sell on Amazon as well.

This set from Jagadamba pearls comes with a certificate of authenticity. They are freshwater pearls. The Locals also shop from their physical stores in Hyderabad. Care needs to be taken while storing pearls and do not expose them to soap or any harsh chemicals.

Hyderabadi Jadau Necklace set:


Beautiful Bridal Set from the brand High Fashion. They are studded with Polki stones, Emeralds, and Pearls. Greatly influenced by the Nizami style. One can find craftsman in the old city of Hyderabad effortlessly handcrafting such exquisite pieces with ease. Please Click here for Beautiful Necklace sets.

Hyderabadi Bridal set from the brand TAZS:




The Jadau Lacha/ Haar commonly Used in weddings, has been a part of Hyderabad’s legacy from time immemorial. It was named as chintaak in Farsi or Persian and in the Urdu Language. Made of Semi precious Pearls and Emeralds it is reasonably Priced. They make lovely gifts for the bride to be from Hyderabad. Click here for Pricing details.

Bangles from Hyderabad:


Hyderabad is known for its Bangles. There is a whole street called Chudi Bazar near Charminar area where you can find Bangles of all varieties. Laquerre Bangles studded with various kinds of semiprecious stones and pearls is the specialty of the region. One must know to Bargain when you enter such places to shop. Please click here for Pricing details of this Bridal Bangle set from the brand My Chamak Bangles.

For simple daily wear Bangles please click here.

Nirmal Paintings:


Nirmal is a quaint little town of Adilabad district in Telangana. Nirmal artists are also known as “Naqash”. The Nizams Patronized their art form and helped this art to flourish. The artists use natural ingredients like herbs, Vegetable dyes, and minerals to paint. With aging, the paintings acquire a special muted glow. Art connoisseurs from all over India visit Nirmal to Buy and Learn from the Artists. Telangana Government is putting all efforts to put Nirmal Paintings in the Global Map.

In the earlier days, White Sander/Tella Poniki wood was used as the canvas for all the paintings. Please click here for Pricing details.

Nirmal Toys:

Nirmal toys are made from the White Sander wood and use only Organic Natural colors. Animal and Bird figurines are handcrafted by the artists of Nirmal. Let us Join Hands in reviving this traditional art form and help the artisans. Take pride in showcasing the artifacts from the land of Nirmal. They are Popular Souvenirs from Hyderabad.

Please click here for Pricing details.

Pochampally Ikkat Lehengas and Sarees:


Pochampally is a well-known Cotton and Silk weaving center very close to the city of Hyderabad. One can recognize a Pochampally Ikkat design by its vibrant geometrical designs of Animals, Birds, and Flowe Patterns.

Handwoven Pure silk Lehenga/Pavada for Kids between the age group of 1 to 5. Please click on the image for pricing details.

Lambadi Embroidery:

They are the Gypsy community of the Deccan region. One can find a sizeable population of the Lambadi Community in the outskirts of Telangana and Karnataka. The Governments of both the States have taken sizeable measures to improve their quality of living and create permanent settlements for them.

The use of bright colors and mirror work is unique to this community. Please click on the image to know about the product and buying details.

Almond House:

Unique only to Hyderabad, The Almond house is Synonymous with Purity.  One can devour on their Local Telugu specialties like Chakkalu, Khaju Khara etc. Please click here for details.

When in Hyderabad one cannot miss Irani chai with Osmania Biscuits. They are life to most Hyderabadis.

Karachi Biscates:

Karachi Bakery was started in the year 1953 as a small bakery in the Mozamjahi market area of Hyderabad. It is famous for its Osmania and Fruit Biscates. They are ideal souvenirs to take from Hyderabad.

Gongura and Avakai Pickles are also a famous part of Telangana Cuisine. They are spicy and not for the faint-hearted.

Of course one can never forget the famous Hyderabadi Biryani from Paradise or Bawarchi Restaurants. They are must have if you are in the city.

During Ramzaan Time every Nook and corner of Hyderabad set up its Haleem stands to savor on some tasty Chicken or Mutton Haleem. If you are a foody you will Love Hyderabad for its Mouthwatering Deccani Cuisine. Do not miss out on some Chicken Samosa and Falooda too.

Best time to visit Hyderabad Telangana is from September through February. The Summers are extremely Hot and heavy rains ensue during the months of June to August.

Happy Shopping with Gifting Trends, If you like to know more about shopping in Hyderabad please leave a comment below, will be glad to help you.

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