Popular souvenirs from India-Indian gifts online

Popular Souvenirs from India-Gifts from India

We love to take a little something from the place we recently visited as a beautiful reminder or memory of our travels. We also love to take some gifts and novelties back home for our friends, relatives, and colleagues. It is a nice way of telling that you have been thinking of them while you were away. Small attention definitely tends to strengthen friendships and relations.

Nowadays it is much more comfortable to do your souvenir or gift shopping online. It helps you avoid the unnecessary haggling with the vendors or getting cheated in a new place. Without going through the hassle of reaching out to a number of brick and mortar stores to find the right gifts at the right price, one can easily order online.

This will give you time to explore the place, India has so much to offer. Ours is a diverse country with a rich cultural heritage. We are blessed with the most amazing natural resources. You can also have the choicest of food to tickle your taste buds.

We have curated a list of the most popular souvenirs one cannot miss from a trip to India.

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Gifts for kids:

Books to buy from India:

I always prefer to buy books as gifts from the places I visit. Books make a lasting impression and the child’s curiosity to know more will develop. Here is a list of beautiful books that make unforgettable gifts.

A children’s history of India is a lovely book by Subhadra Sen Gupta. The child can get a complete overview of Indian history in a very engaging manner. The book delves into the era of Pre and post Independence period. An ideal read for children who are eight years and older. Please Click Here for Pricing details.


Great stories for children by Ruskin Bond:


Ruskin Bond is an award-winning Indian author of British descent. He has authored more than 500 books and was awarded the Padmasri and Padmabhushan by the Indian government. Great stories for children is a compilation of 5 stories and would be ideal gifts for children who are more than 8 years old. Please Click Here for pricing details


Most loved Tales from Panchatantra:


Originally written in Sanskrit, the Panchatantra is the oldest collection of Indian Fables. The characters are mostly animals and each of the stories has a moral and philosophical theme attached to it. They are ideal reads for children who are older than 3+ years. Please click here for pricing details.

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Traditional Indian Board Games to Buy from India:


Handmade by the craftsman of India, they are ideal gifts for children 6 years and older. Traditionally known as Vamana Guntalu/Pallanguzhi it is a fun game filled with strategy & logical thinking. Introduce the game to younger kids and keep this traditional game alive. Please Click Here for pricing details.

Nine Men’s Morris Board Game/ Navakankari from the brand Ancient Living:


Fun filled game involving Strategy and Logic. A lovely game to play with family and friends. The instructions for the game is included in the kit. Please Click Here for details.



Magnetic chess board:


Handmade by craftsman of India, a magnetic chess board will be an ideal gift for children who have an interest in the game. Chess is the most loved game all over the world and each time it throws up a new challenge. Since it is magnetic you don’t have to worry about the pieces sliding. Please Click Here for Pricing details.

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Indian clothes for children:


Gift For boys:

Indians love to wear ethnic clothes for special occasions like festivals, weddings or while visiting religious places. Many South Indian temples follow a strict Indian dress code to be maintained while entering them.


For girls:


Biba is a brand you can trust and when you think of traditional Indian clothes. They have a fine collection of Indian wear for girls and women. You can trust them when it comes to the quality of cloth and the color. Girls are dressed in their ethnic best during festivals, family functions or gatherings.

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Indian souvenirs for the home:

Wooden handcrafted tissue paper boxes can be ideal souvenirs one can buy from India. They are made of seesham wood and hand painted. They are made by rural artisans of our country. Please click here for pricing details.

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Savory Maker:


A brass Savoury (chakli) maker is a must-have in most Indian homes. Most Indian Festivals are incomplete without the essential chakli/muruku snack. Please check here for pricing details.



Vintage Decorative Gift box

Handpainted Vintage gift box/Jewellery box also adds up as a decor piece. It weighs 1.39 kgs. A nice gift for family and friends from India. It is reasonably priced as well. Please Click Here for pricing details.

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Tea Bags From India:

Indian Splendor Kashmir Masala set of 20 Tea bags is a wonderful gift for your friends and family. All, “Indian splendor” teas, are sourced from some of the finest certified tea plantations and tea growing areas of India. Please Click Here for pricing details.


All Vahdam Teas are certified to be 100% Pure by the Tea Board under the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. All Vahdam teas are sourced directly from over 150+ tea plantations in India & Nepal within 24-72 hours of production & immediately vacuum packaged to protect freshness & flavor. please Click Here for pricing details.



India is famous for its Tea. We are the largest consumers of tea in the world and we export our tea globally. Darjeeling and Assam in the north and Nilgiris in the south grow some of the exotic tea leaves which are processed, packaged and exported. Tea cafes are the new flavor of India. They are one of the best gifts to buy from India.

When in India please do not miss out on having a cup of milk tea from a cafe called Chai Point. 


Wooden handcrafted and hand-painted tissue roll dispenser:


The artisans of Varanasi have beautifully fused in age-old wood techniques with utility features to perfectly brighten up your table tops. This paper roll holder is handcrafted to make usage simpler while adding a dash of color, a little of tradition and a couple of beautiful fish motifs to your favorite spaces.  Beautiful hand-painting in multicolor has been done on the two fishes to add elegance to it. They are detachable for easy storage and while traveling. Please click here for pricing details.


Handcrafted Keychain Holders:


They are handcrafted and handpainted by the rural artisans of India. They make lovely decor items and keepsakes. Please click here for pricing details. India is known all over the world for its exquisite craftsmanship. please check for some handicrafts from India you can take as souvenirs.



Aesthetic Budha figurines:




Bring tranquility and peace to your home with the help of this Buddha showpiece figurine. The figurine is also a colorful decor item because of its beautiful stonework. The statue shows Lord Buddha in a sitting position and is made up of Brass adorned in antique gold finish with a protective coating over it which will perfectly suit ethnic home interiors. It weighs 1800gms. Please Click Here for pricing details




Brass Budha Figurine :


You can have them as a living room decor or an ideal gift to family and friends. This figurine weighs 1.25 Kgs. Please Click Here for details. If you are looking for some Kalamkari paintings from the south of India please check here





Decorative Ceramic Handmade TeaLight Candle Holders:


This product is handmade by rural craftsman from a social organization called India meets India. They provide a livelihood to awarded artisans from various parts of our country. These skilled craftsmen are from underprivileged communities like acid attack victims, physically challenged and traffic survivors. Let us join hands to bring change to their lives. Please click here for pricing details.




Marble paperweight with Meena work:


It is  Pure white Makrana Marble paperweight from India. It is painted with white kundans, Meena work in Mughal era style. Likewise, It can be a nice gift option for near and dear ones and also for formal office colleagues. Please Click Here for pricing details.



Handmade Kantha embroidered quilts and Bedcovers:


A queen size Bed Cover from the brand Sovereigns, Block print with Kantha work. Please click here for details.

From the brand sovereigns, a Hand made Bird Print Kantha quilt. Please click here for details.

Beautiful Hand made Kantha quilt from Jaipur India. please click here for pricing details.

Kantha is the oldest form of Indian embroidery dating back to the first and second A.D. It is a popular style of West Bengal and most of the rural women know this art form and make a living out of it. These quilts are made of one hundred percent cotton material and easy to manage.


 Stoles for women:


Beautiful cotton handloom Ikkat stole from the Pochampally weavers of Telangana. Ikat is a weaving style that employs resist dyeing technique to impart colors to the yarns before their interlacement. The fabric woven in this technique shows a feathered and hazy pattern which is a wonderful classic in its own way. Please click here for pricing details.



Handcrafted Ikkat fabric Tote bag from a brand called Clean Planet. They have an amazing collection of eco-friendly bags following the mission of Swach Bharath. Please click here for pricing details.




Handmade and Hand-embroidered Silk Tote bag by Haalepotra community from Kutch region of Gujrat. These Bags will be a beautiful addition to your collection from India. Please Click Here for details.



Bags make a beautiful fashion statement and they make ideal gifts for family and friends. In our families, we follow a simple rule of not gifting an empty purse. There would always be some money or other knick-knacks added to it. Leave us a comment if you follow such or different traditions. Please Click Here for pricing details.



Tea Coasters:




Tea coasters handcrafted and hand painted by the talented artisans of my country. Please click here for details. If you are looking for some handcrafted Bidriwork or toys from Channapatna do check our post on Popular souvenirs to buy from Bangalore


Spice box:


This is a wooden spice box handmade by Indian craftsman with a glass lid. If you like Indian food and love to cook this spice box will be a beautiful addition to your kitchen cabinet.

A spice box is a must-have in any Indian kitchen, we use an array of spices like clove, dry ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric, coriander seeds, paprika, mustard seeds, etc. please click here for pricing details. One of the most popular places in India known for its spices is Hyderabad. Check for some interesting souvenirs to pick up from Hyderabad.





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