21 Return gift ideas for adults you cannot miss in India

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India appreciates family Period!! It is imbibed in our culture that a guest is always welcomed. Every small occasion or festival results in a gettogether of friends and Family. While the guest leaves it is customary to give a return gift based on your budget. It can be a simple cloth material to stitch a blouse for the ladies along with coconut and fruits. Times have changed, people are willing to experiment with the return gift options. We have done some research for you to choose the most popular Top 21 return gift ideas for adults who visit your home in India.


Fruit Infuser Bottle 1 Litre:

21 return gift ideas for adults
return gift ideas for adults


fruit infuser water bottle with full-length stainless steel infusion unit. Easy to create Fresh fruit, Herbs or Vegetable infused waters for work, School or on the go use. It is Leak proof and Eco-friendly. It also keeps the water Cold or Hot as desired. This product has amazing reviews on Amazon. Click here for pricing details. Ideal return gifts for your family and friends.

Home strap Large quilted Saree Covers:

Women in India have a huge collection of sarees for different occasions. Trust me a saree cover for ladies will be a well-appreciated and thoughtful return gift. A tiny tip: My mother still follows a general rule of always folding her expensive Silk Kanjeevaram sarees in a cotton cloth made as a cover and place some dried neem leaves in a small cotton sachet. Avoid using Naphthalene balls. Please click here for pricing details.

Brass Sindoor dani/KumKum Box:

An antique designed brass kumkum Box is a lovely return gift for your friends and family. This is from a brand called Natchiyar kovil from Kumbakonam ( a temple town in Tamil Nadu). Please click here for pricing details. It is reasonably priced, hence can be bought in bulk. The brass decor is the new trend in recent times, we do have some elegant brass decor items you can check from the land of Moradabad the brass city of India.

Marble Chowki with Ganesh Ji:

A beautiful Ganesh idol on a Marble chowki is a lovely return gift. A point to remember while buying a Ganesh idol for gifting is to ensure that his trunk is always to his left. Please click here for pricing details. For some traditional gifts for the prayer room check here.

Diwaah Cotton colorful Pouch:

Very reasonably priced cotton Pouch from the brand Diwaah. It has two compartments and quite spacious to hold a small wallet, Mobile and other knick-knacks. It also comes with a metal chain if you want to use it as a sling bag. This bag has received some amazing reviews on Amazon as well.

A thoughtful return gift for your family and friends. Please click here for details.

Are you looking for some purses to go with your elegant party wear? check here.

Unisex Universal Travel Organizer:

Universal travel case stores and protects small electronics, power adapters, and memory cards. This product is from Amazon Basics Offering a rigid exterior of moulded-EVA plastic and a soft scratch-free interior. A useful return gift for people who travel often. This product has received good reviews on Amazon. Please click here for pricing details. Check out our return gift ideas for a little less than Rupees 500 for friends and office colleagues.

Tizum Earphone Carrying case:

This case is designed to keep your headphones clean and safe and serves as a perfect travel organizer for your headphones, pen drives etc. It’s safe and secure and closes via twin, Tizum engraved zips. It comes with a pear-shaped Carabiner loop. Value for money and adds up as a lovely return gift. please click here for details.

For some interesting gift ideas for Men check here.

Nourish Daily planner A5 Size:

For people who are big on Planning and organizing their day, the Nourish Daily planner will be an ideal gift. Brand Nourish has a collection of other motivational diaries too. please click here for details

Monk figurine:


They are four small Monk figurines from the brand Autographix. It makes up as a lovely living room tabletop decor. Please click here for details.

Wood art store Tray:

Handcrafted Seesham wood Serving tray from the brand Wood Art. It is small in size ideal to hold two cups. The quality and finishing of the product are excellent. You can display them on a coffee table to hold candles & vases. You can also use it as a hallway tray for keys, a small serving dish for entertaining guests or on a side table for display.

Your gift is bound to be treasured. Please click here for details.

Foldable Bamboo storage basket:

These storage bins from the brand Home storie are perfect for organizing and cutting down on clutter, the collapsible storage cubes add fun and functionality to any space. It comes with a removable cotton liner fabric which makes the bin look more elegant and easy to maintain. From Books, toys to toiletries anything will look good in this basket. Let us make an effort to steer clear of plastic. It is a useful return gift idea. Please click here for details.

Watch Organizer:


It can Hold 4 watches and comes with a magnetic closure. The lid features a transparent glass to enable viewing of the watch. It looks like Leather but it is not, Made from Cotton material and Handcrafted. Please click here for details.

Santa Banta joke book:

A joke can light up a dull mood, be a great conversation starter, or be a pleasant memory to take a moment and reminisce over when life becomes a little too serious. Humor can never go out of fashion and neither can Santa and Banta, the quintessential funny men of India, who have been tickling our funny bone for years now. Books can be lovely return gifts for your friends. Please click here for details.


Return gift ideas for less than Rupees 100

Glass Tea light Candleholders:

A set of four Glass Tea Light Candleholders for less than Rupees 100. Candles accentuate any space and bring that much-needed serenity. They are bound to be a useful gift. Check here for a few more gift options when it comes to some lovely diyas.

Please click here for details.

Manihaar Glass bangles:

A set of four Glass Bangles from the brand Manihaar. They come in Varied colors and with elegant designs. There is a size chart one can choose from. Glass bangles are always in trend from time immemorial. A simple set of Glass bangles are traditional gifts for ladies in India. Please click here for details. If you like some traditional Meenakari earrings from Rajasthan or Pearl earrings from Hyderabad please check here.

Glass Jar set from SatyamKraft:

Each glass Jar comes for less than Rupees 50. Plan some homemade savories to be filled in the jars for some homemade treats for your guests. Impress your guests with your culinary skills and a take away too.

Please click here for details.

Honey Wooden Dipper from Beehive farms:

Honey wooden Dipper from Beehive farms comes in a pack of five, hence each dipper comes for less than 50 Rupees. They are easy to use and hand made. They look elegant and are useful return gifts. Please click here for details.

Tote Bags from the brand EcoRight:

They are plain Cotton tote bags for your everyday shopping needs. Each bag has been crafted to carry up to 10kg of weight. It is 100% biodegradable and can replace thousands of plastic bags every year. Play your part in the conservation of our environment and align with our Governments mission of Swach Bharath. One can also be creative by using the bag as a canvas to create something beautiful. Your guest is sure to treasure a gift like this from you.

Each bag will cost you less than Rupees 50. Please click here for details.

Kalamkari Ladies Purse:

This beautiful Purse has two compartments to hold Bills, Mobile phones, Credit Cards, Photo, ID Card, Business Card, Etc. It is among the most beautiful traditional Indian art Coin purse made from kalamkari cotton fabric. Hand made by artisans of the cottage industry. Priced less than 100 Rupees, you can buy them for your family and friends as return gifts for any occasion. Please click here for details. Check here for a detailed post on Kalamkari work from the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Birdie Plastic Fruit Fork Set:

Made from 100% food-grade recyclable plastic. Package Contents: 1-Piece Stand and 6-Pieces Fork. Brightly colored they make attractive dining table decor. The sturdy construction and simple design also make it fairly easy to clean and maintain. Value buy for less than Rupees 100. Please click here for details.

Apple Cutter from the Brand Ganesh:

Makes eight even Apple Slices. It is easy to clean and wash. Made from high-quality plastic and stainless steel, this apple cutter is durable. A useful and value for money return gift for family and friends. Please click here for details. Before the invent of plastic Indians have primarily used cast iron, earthenware, and soapstones to make kitchen utensils. If you would like to know more check here.


Let us know if you liked our 21 Return gift ideas for adults you cannot miss from India. They also add up as souvenirs you can pick up for friends and family from India.

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