Wedding gifts for Indian couples-Unique wedding gifts 2019

Top 10 Wedding Gifts for Indian Couples:

The concept of wedding Gift registries is relatively new to India wherein the Bride and the Groom send out a wish list through a registry service provided by various stores and then friends and family gift accordingly. Culturally, though India is still not coaxing up to the idea of sharing their wish list as it may seem unpleasant to ask for Gifts.
It would have made gifting easier if we just knew what the newlyweds need for their wedding and later when they start their families.
We have compiled a generalized list of Top 10 gift ideas for every Indian newlywed couple.

Philips Digital Photo Frame SPF4610/12 (25.4cm/10″)

These days there are more than 2000 photos being clicked during weddings, the photo albums are becoming bigger, bulkier and more extravagant. But after the initial few months, they are carefully wrapped up to be stored in the lofts. Digital Photo albums would be very handy to have a collage of pictures from both the brides and grooms side to flaunt in their new homes. Everyday memories could be just added to it. They add up as a lovely wedding gift for the couple.

2) Teaset Ceramic/Stoneware in Blue Mughal (Kettle, Sugar & milk container, cups with saucer) (Set of 15 piece) Handmade By Caffeine

A fine array of some exquisite crockery and cutlery sets is a must have.

3)Amazon Echo – Voice control your music, Make calls, Get news, weather & more, Powered by Dolby – Black

How about Gifting Amazon Echo to the millennial couples?
From making calls, helping with the recipes, updating their grocery lists, setting reminders to playing their favorite music Amazon Echo would be so handy.
Amazon Echo is equipped to control Alexa enabled products like Light, Fan, Ac etc.

4) Philips Viva Collection HD9220 Air Fryer with Rapid Air Technology (Black)

Why not an Air Fryer? There are a host of brands which have come up with air fryers starting from wonder chef, prestige, Philips, ken star etc.
Starting from 9000 to 25000Rs. They are user-friendly, healthy, easy to clean and uses less oil while maintaining their nutritional value of the food being air fried.

5)Couple Bed sheets and Comforter:

The Newlyweds can always have an extra set of Bedspreads and comforters.

6)Milton Clarion Jr Stainless Steel Gift Set Casserole with Glass Lid, Set of 3, Steel plain

A set of 3 multipurpose insulated containers to keep your food warm is a must have in any home. It comes with a toughened glass lid and 12 months warranty.

7)Borosil Klip N Store Microwavable Containers with Lunch Bag, 400ml, Set of 3, Transparent

They are made up of 100% borosilicate glass hence are much safer, than to carry hot food in any kind of plastic containers.
They are microwave safe, stackable, dishwasher and freezer safe. Ideal gifts for on the go Indian millennial couples.

8) Vinod Cookware Breman Sauce Pot Set, 3-Pieces
Wonderchef Ceramide Casserole Set, 6-Piece, Pink

Switching to steel, cast iron or earthenware is ideal for cooking.
Steel products from Vinod cookware and wonder chef are induction friendly hence they could be used for both stovetops. Prices start from 800 to 4000 Rs.
Newlyweds starting a life together would not mind a nice set of cookware to use when friends and family join them.

CraftJunction Brass Handcrafted Peacock design Hanging Diya Showpiece(21*3.5*3.5 Inches)

Craft junction, Art and hub, E craft India have some lovely Handcrafted art pieces. Good to have decorative pieces to brighten up your mornings and to welcome you home.

10)Breathe fresh Pureefy Antibacterial Essential Oil Blend- Natural Air Purifier (With Electric Diffuser)
Korus Essential Aromatherapy Essential Oil, 15ml (Pack of 6)

The effective way to create a peaceful and welcoming ambiance at home would be to fill it up with an appealing fragrance. Devinez comes with lemongrass and camphor aroma oil.
Use of other fragrances like sandalwood, Royal rose, Swiss Garden etc. just relaxes you and moves you to a comfort zone.

Indian Weddings are Vibrant, Fun and Exhaustive at the same time. One can devour on some of the scrumptious food too during these three to four-day Indian weddings. If you have been invited to a Wedding in India do not miss out on the opportunity to enjoy first hand the culture and grandeur of our celebrations. Indian fathers start saving for their daughter’s marriage and go all out to make it a memorable day for their kid. Let us know if you appreciate our gift ideas for Wedding gifts for Indian couples.

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